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Parental involvement is greatly encouraged in our daycare. Parent meeting will be held once a year. Any general questions or comments will be gladly addressed. Our centre practices an open- door policy. We encourage parents to bring forth any ideas, suggestions, concerns, or comments they may have.
It is our objective to have an approachable program director and staff. We will strive to reinforce positive attitudes and provide self-directed and self corrective activities. We will provide a bright, pleasant, homelike setting and we will exercise and open, friendly relationship with all parents, staff, children and neighborhood people. We acknowledge the family’s important child rearing role/responsibility as well as note a focus on building a partnership with each family. Good Start daycare believes that the parent has the right to come into the centre at any time during the day and be welcomed by the director and the staff. We firmly believe in an open door policy. The Director is always accessible everyday for you to come and ask any questions that you may have or to voice any concerns that you may have as well. We will also implement a codeword with you the parents to enable us know that the person that is coming to pick up your child is really supposed to be here to do so. If the person is not on your ‘Allowed to Pick Up my child’ list we will know by the codeword that you have allowed that person to pick up your child. This is just another way to make sure that the person who is picking up your child is really supposed to be doing so. As we have an open door policy we would like to encourage parents to bring items that represent your culture and to help us learn how to greet you in your native language.
We would also like to encourage you as the parent to become involved in your child’s care at the centre by sharing cultural activities, cultural dress, by being a volunteer on one of our field trips, or bringing in recipes of your cultural dishes. We are going to be evaluating our program on a yearly basis and we would like your input. We will be doing this by handing our parent surveys for you to fill out and give us your input on the program, about our goals, objectives, changes that may affect you.


Good Start Daycare provides services from 0 month to 6 years old.

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