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Our Program is

To promote children’s social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional growth and development.
By supporting the children’s social, emotional and cognitive development, we are giving the children the head start in developing language skills by responding to children’s communication, asking questions and engaging them in conversations during their daily activities, social skills by giving them the opportunity to play and interact with peers, emotional skills by helping them overcome their frustrations and fears by using positive reinforcement, encouraging self-control and self-respect and respect for others and guiding them in positive and gentle way. Being aware of the ability of the children will help detect a development delay if occurring. It is essential in our centre to ensure that the children get the help and guidance they need to observe, question, explore, experiment in order to develop their thinking ability, language, and listening skills. To meet these needs, we as professionals have to provide the children with age appropriate activities, toys and materials to stimulate their language, listening, problem solve and observational skills such as story time with questions and answers.
Although every child has the potential in learning using these particular activities we believe that circle time is one of the most significant activity for the reason that it brings children and staff together, and give them both the opportunity to discuss and share thoughts and ideas. The children are capable of developing critical thinking skills through reading, creativity, cognitive and social skills. Children learn also through play. Play is a natural and important part of young children’s growth and development. It provides a safe place to try on the roles of others, to fantasize and to explore. It also involves imitations and creativeness.
The routines and the program plan are also tailored to meet specific needs of varying ages and abilities of children. Most of the activities planned are based on the children’s interests and involvement. We encourage children to participate but do not force them to do so. We try as much as possible to employ activities that are mostly child-directed and open-ended. We present a variety of books (multicultural) during the circle time. We also encourage the children to bring their favorite book or object from home (only on Fridays if possible). We support children’s involvement in the circle time however if some of them are not interested they are liberated to do other quiet activities such as playing with puzzles, drawing, reading on their own and other activities.


Childhood is a unique, valuable stage in the child’s lifecycle. Our prime responsibility in our centre is to:

  • Provide a safe, healthy, nurturing and responsive setting for children.
  • Be committed in supporting the children’s well-being and interests, assist them in learning how to live and work cooperatively and to provide a developmentally appropriate setting carefully designed to serve and meet individual needs of each child.
  • Promote good self-image, and self awareness.
  • Not allow the use of food as a play activity (arts and crafts activity) other than to consume and cook with children.
  • Ensure that children get the help and attention they need in order to develop their thinking abilities, language, creativity and listening skills.